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My partner is bothered by the machine

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I doze during the day

My mask leaks

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Sleep apnea today means


machine downtime after 3 years

Make a difference with Apnolab

The first multi-vendor sleep apnea machine card reader online

Spot problem nights

Visualize problem nights at a glance. Compare the different periods to see how the treatment is progressing.

Don't miss a detail

Compare curves with each other, visualize data easily and browse nights in great detail.

Screen for apnea

Detect the critical moments of the night. Annotate events not detected by the machine.

The machine card, more useful than ever

It is the focal point of optimal treatment. It enables analysis of the machine’s behavior in the face of apneas.

Parameter analysis

Analysis of machine behavior in response to apnea

Event analysis

Interpretation of events in relation to curves

Up to 1 year of follow-up

One machine card = 365 days of data

Compatibility with Apnolab

Send map data from any computer

Your data is in safe hands

  • Quickly transferred to Apnolab
  • Easily accessible on the Internet
  • Stored and secured on OVH healthcare servers
  • RGPD compliant

And all these features are free for all our users.

Whether you’re a doctor, patient, technician or healthcare professional. For limited time and storage capacity.

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Help center

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the software and its features. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Apnolab will be available as a beta version for 20 doctors from September 2023. A demo will be available shortly. Technicians can also have their own version of the software.

If you are a doctor, you can fill in the contact form to gain access to Apnolab from September. If you’re patient, a public demo will be available soon.

Apnolab is aimed at doctors, patients and technicians who want to provide appropriate treatment for sleep apnea, thanks to machine card reading.

Data on the machine card includes breathing rate, machine pressure, mask leakage, snoring and time of use.

Simply download our Apnolab Card utility and plug your SD card into your computer. See our step-by-step guide for more information.

You can use SD cards from the major PPC machine manufacturers: ResMed, Philips and Lowenstein.

Our data is stored on highly secure French servers belonging to OVH, a company specializing in the healthcare sector. Your data will only be visible to the people you want to see it.

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